Edgbaston Stadium Pitch Report, Weather Forecast, Ticket Booking, Cricket Ground Records, Seating Capacity, Parking, Owner & Night view & 360 View Updates

All the insights for Edgbaston Stadium Pitch Report, Weather Forecast, Ticket Booking, Records, Seating Capacity, Parking, Owner & Night view & 360 View Updates:

In this section for Cricket Stadium WIKI on Zmsons, here we have covered Edgbaston stadium details. The Edgbaston Stadium has its own fair share of unforgettable memories attached to it. It has been home to some of the greatest cricketers to have played for the country. Edgbaston Stadium was the youngest of England’s six regular Test venues, until Chester-le-Street was inaugurated in May 2003, more than one hundred years after Edgbaston’s own debut, when the touring Australians were bowled out for 36 by Wilfred Rhodes in 1902.

Edgbaston Stadium Pitch Report

Edgbaston Stadium is a popular stadium where cricket matches are regularly played. So, cricket fans are always in search of the Edgbaston Stadium pitch reports, and pitching conditions whether is it useful for bowlers or batsmen. Cricket fans also want to know about the pitch condition of Edgbaston Stadium.

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Edgbaston Stadium Weather Forecast

Good weather is one of the most important conditions for a cricket match to get played calmly as rainy weather will ruin the condition of the pitch and hence the wet outfield could be big turbulence in a cricket match to be played.

Many important cricket match results are dependent on weather forecasts. Therefore, in this section, we will discuss the Edgbaston Stadium weather forecast for upcoming cricket matches.

Edgbaston Stadium Records & Stats

Edgbaston Stadium records and stats are also mentioned hereunder. There are various questions in the mind of cricket fans like matches won batting first, matches won bowling first, average 1st Inns scores, 2nd Inns scores, the highest total recorded, highest score chased, lowest score defended, etc.

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Edgbaston Stadium Cricket Ground Stats

Here we have given all Edgbaston Stadium Cricket Ground stats and records.

Edgbaston Stadium T20 Match Records

Total matches 5
Matches won batting first 5
Average 1st Inns scores 169
Average 2nd Inns scores 151
Highest total recorded 221/5 (20 Ov) by ENG vs AUS
Lowest total recorded 144/10 (18.4 Ov) by AUS vs PAK
Lowest score defended 118/5 (11 Ov) by ENG vs RSA


Edgbaston Stadium ODI Match Records

Total matches 64
Matches won batting first 26
Matches won bowling first 31
Average 1st Inns scores 232
Average 2nd Inns scores 188
Highest total recorded 408/9 (50 Ov) by ENG vs NZ
Lowest total recorded 70/10 (25.2 Ov) by AUS vs ENG
Highest score chased 332/7 (48 Ov) by ENG vs PAK
Lowest score defended 129/7 (20 Ov) by IND vs ENG

Edgbaston Stadium Test Match Records


Total matches 54
Matches won batting first 18
Matches won bowling first 21
Average 1st Inns scores 309
Average 2nd Inns scores 319
Average 3rd Inns scores 244
Average 4th Inns scores 159
Highest total recorded 710/7 (188.1 Ov) by ENG vs IND
Lowest total recorded 30/10 (12.3 Ov) by RSA vs ENG

Edgbaston Stadium Ticket Booking

Ticket windows at cricket stadiums have now mostly changed their location by shifting from offline mode to online mode on Book My Show. Here in this section, we will show you the full process of Edgbaston Stadium ticket booking to watch the upcoming match live in Edgbaston Stadium.

Edgbaston Stadium Ticket Price

Most matches played at Edgbaston Stadium fetch a base ticket price in a range of 20 pounds to 100 pounds as per trend. Tickets for various hotspot places like both teams’ Pavillion side will require a VIP pass or a ticket of at least 5000 INR range.

Edgbaston Stadium ticket prices are subject to change as per the importance of the match, like if a match if Final then it will require higher-end size prices.

Edgbaston Stadium Seat Capacity

The crowd at this stadium always seems a huge one as the Edgbaston Stadium seat capacity is really good. Edgbaston Stadium seating capacity 2022 is given in this article.

Maximum Capacity at Edgbaston Stadium: 33000

Edgbaston Stadium Wiki

Here are basic details about this Stadium, Edgbaston Stadium wiki, parking facility (free or charged?), owner name, curator name, etc. details are updated here.

Edgbaston Stadium Parking

Cricket fans who are going to watch the cricket match in Edgbaston Stadium are always in search of a nearby parking place. Hence, here we collect all the latest Edgbaston Stadium parking details we got for the upcoming cricket matches to be played at Edgbaston Stadium.

Edgbaston Stadium Owner

Few cricket fans can have some curiosity about the Edgbaston Stadium owner name as cricket fans might be thinking that the owner of the stadium may be baking good money for such a huge crowd. Haha, but stop, here we will give you details for the Edgbaston Stadium owner details.

Most cricket stadiums in India and other parts of the world are not owned by any individual, they are mostly owned by the cricket council of the city or state who are mostly affiliated with country level council, e.g. Edgbaston Stadium is under the control of the —–.

Edgbaston Stadium Owner Name: 

Edgbaston Stadium Curator

Edgbaston Stadium curator details are updated in this article for the curious cricket fans who want to know the name of person who is maintaining such an awesome cricket ground like, Edgbaston Stadium . Therefore, here is the detail for the Edgbaston Stadium curator name.

Edgb aston Stadium Curator: 

Edgbaston Stadium Night view & 360 view Pics

The pictures of Edgbaston Stadium at night time are more lovely and beautiful. Here we have grabbed some of the finest images of the Edgbaston Stadium night view. Edgbaston Stadium 360 view pics will also be attached to this post.





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